B & B Poultry Co. was founded by Ben and Dorothy (Bobbie) Fisher in 1945 (hence B & B) after Ben’s Army service during World War II.   At that time, Vineland and most of Southern New Jersey was known as the “Egg Capital of the World.”  Due to the size of egg production in the area, local spent hen processing facilities were a necessity.  Aside from raising their own laying hens, Ben and Bobbie serviced the local egg producers by processing their spent hens, providing pick up service with trucks like the one pictured to the left.   The majority of the product produced in those early years was sold simply as “New York Dressed Poultry”.




Over seven decades later B & B Poultry Co., Inc remains a wholly family owned and operated business.  While the hens and producers have long moved from Southern New Jersey to Pennsylvania , DelMarva and other locations on the East Coast, B & B remains at its original site.   Today B & B Poultry Co., Inc. is a world class modern processing facility and its products can be found throughout the  domestic market and internationally as well. The Company’s integrity, dependability and the reputation of its quality line of products is respected throughout the industry and the world.  Due to the founding principal of integral involvement by the owners, the Company has enjoyed a loyal and long servicing employee and customer base.




B & B Poultry Co., Inc. is proudly committed to representing it’s community, it’s industry, and it’s country with the highest standards and quality of any fowl producer in the world.